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Team Room Book Review

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Good afternoon, Team Room.  I’ve been off the net for a few weeks with my head down working on a few things so I’ve missed getting my notes out.  There are quite a few things I’ve learned in the last few weeks and thought I’d get a couple observations out to you over the weekend.

Most notably, I was out in Bozeman, Montana with my great friends and teammates at the Station Foundation.  [See the venue here.]  Founded by Kevin and Shannon Stacy, they are the best-in-the-business at veteran reintegration, family, and transitioning SOF veteran programs.  This was my second year participating to help share my perspective on transition from military to civilian life…the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Our family started the transition in 2011 and much of the transition never really ends.  It certainly doesn’t follow a linear path or a finish line where you can announce that transition is complete!  Station helps tremendously with this process.  The COMMIT Foundation, another great team, partners directly with Station during this particular program and brings vets for an up close look at industry and access to training, skills, and education.  Please have a look at both foundations.

After just a few days each year at Station’s program, I always depart with pages and pages of notes that are observations on learning-by-doing, teams, psychology and other stuff!

Three things from this year that I thought you’d all find novel and useful:

  1. Team Room Book Review,
  2. Thoughts on transition (from any familiar environment into new terrain, not just military to civilian transition), and
  3. SMART brain training (and perspective-taking)

Team Room Book Review.  While out in Bozeman, I ended up having conversation after conversation with guys I’ve known for 15 years and others I’d just met. One theme that came up over and again was, “I wish there was a site where we could post book reviews and insights from what we learn, and see other’s insights as well.”  I thought we should give it a try.  I’ve set up the Team Room Book Review in Goodreads which you can get into from the right side of this page, or click on the link above titled Team Room Book Review.  The review is curated by us.  We are field agnostic.  We don’t care what you do for work.  We do care that you present insights relevant to YOU, and thus everyone else.  We want your specific point-of-view and how you apply said insights to your life, business, or otherwise. For starters, when you enter the group, you can scroll down and see my review of the book Tribe, by Sebastian Junger.  Click on the book or click on “view.”  Get in there and post your thoughts.  If you’re shy about writing a review just start with a small summary and 2 to 3 things you learned from the book.  We’d all love to hear people’s thoughts and perspectives on any topic that is interesting to YOU.  It will be a guarantee that your viewpoint will be interesting to someone else as well.

Notes tomorrow on #2.  “Thoughts on Transition”

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  1. Johnnieee Carrier
    February 11, 2017 at 3:22 am — Reply

    I am humbled to be included in the Team Room.

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